Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

I love joining photowalk as i am able to capture emotions while doing street photography. No matter how many times you visit a particular street or places, there will always be something new to capture, new perspective or new angle.

I usually pass by this street everytime we have our snack at Mcdonalds. This is different angle and view of Rizal Drive in Global City, Taguig.

More of street Life here.


PHOTOBLOG: Exploring Hanoi, Vietnam

Another Asian country that I went to last year was Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. I arrived in Hanoi airport and took another flight to Ho Chi Minh for an hour. Stayed for a week, the city reminded me of the old Manila and Binondo. The city is rich in cultural heritage sites, formerly named Saigon. Majority of their transportation is the motorcycle. You should be good in playing “patintero” to be able o cross the street as you’ll be meeting a LOT of motorcycles left and right. You’ll ever see any Starbucks there but they have a lot of coffee shops serving their own Vietnamese coffee. One of their popular food is their Vietnamese noodle soup or Pho. It comes with onions, chili peppers, cilantro, lime, bean sprouts and thai basil as garnishings.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Dinh Tien Hoang (Old Quarter)
Old Quarter

Cầu Thê Húc (The Huc Bridge)

Hanoi Lake View

St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

A neo-gothic structure rising from the Old  Quarter’s twisting streets was erected by the French in 1886

Chicken Pho

Garnishing for the Pho

There’s a lot of things to learn about Hanoi.  I hope to come back and be able to explore and learn more about this place.

I guess 2013 was the best year for me as I was able to travel around Asia.  One of my travel wish was to visit Singapore.  Luckily, through work, my wish came true.  Here are some of my fave travel shots 🙂

It’s just sad that I was not able to visit the Universal Studio due to the rain 😦 Well there is still next time 🙂