It was a fun a light experience to watch a musical place. Nice that a good friend invited us to watch the preview of Aladdin before it will be shown to the public. Held at St. Cecilia’s Hall in St. Scholastica’s College, Malate Manila. Aladdin is about a carefree boy and very respectful to his mother. Found a magical lamp because of his so-called ‘uncle’ and left him the dessert alone until he freed the Genie of the Lamp, brought him home and the story continues. The script writer made a twist to the original story of Aladdin from what we normally knew. Even the name of the princess was changed from Princess Jasmine to Princess Mona. Here are some clips from the play

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp



In the past few weeks I’ve been seeing a lot of photos in Instagram about Yakult’s newest product. I tried searching it in 711 stores but it is not yet available. Gladly, during my weekly grocery in one of my fave supermarket, I finally found it. It’s actually Yakult light.


I’m intrigued as to the difference of this to their old one. Aside from the packaging (which is blue), the calorie content is lesser than 15 calories. As to the taste, it is still the same. A pack of Yakult light cost Php50.00 which is Php10.00 higher from the regular one.

Have you tried Yakult Light already? What can you say 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

I love joining photowalk as i am able to capture emotions while doing street photography. No matter how many times you visit a particular street or places, there will always be something new to capture, new perspective or new angle.

I usually pass by this street everytime we have our snack at Mcdonalds. This is different angle and view of Rizal Drive in Global City, Taguig.

More of street Life here.

Cafe France Espresso Booster

I love coffee and i love trying out anything that has coffee in it. A friend introduced this unique coffee experience called espresso booster. It’s crunchy espresso bits covered in dark chocolate. This interesting food find is from Cafe France.

I kind of like the concept of this as you can really smell and taste the coffee. It’s like eating real coffee beans 🙂 Don’t ask me if it will make you awake as i’ve tried a couple of these “coffee bean” like chocolate and i still feel sleepy :p  A bottle contains 50 pcs of “coffee bean” chocolate and cost Php99.00.

Have you tried this already?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Had an opportunity to attend the Preview Art Fair 2014 at The Link, Makati.  Preview Art Fair is part of the onging Art Fair Philippines which opened on February 20 and will last until February 23, 2014.  Organized by Preview Magazine, it’s a fashion art live installations of three of the most talented people in the Philippines: Rajo Laurer, Nikki Luna and Leeroy New.

It’s a great experience to witnessed the live installation. Given only 1 hour to present, the output were tremendously beautiful, truly world class.

Aside from the fashion Art show, artworks of various well known sculptors, designers, painters, etc are on display at the parking lot, turned gallery, of The Link.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

PHOTOBLOG: Exploring Hanoi, Vietnam

Another Asian country that I went to last year was Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. I arrived in Hanoi airport and took another flight to Ho Chi Minh for an hour. Stayed for a week, the city reminded me of the old Manila and Binondo. The city is rich in cultural heritage sites, formerly named Saigon. Majority of their transportation is the motorcycle. You should be good in playing “patintero” to be able o cross the street as you’ll be meeting a LOT of motorcycles left and right. You’ll ever see any Starbucks there but they have a lot of coffee shops serving their own Vietnamese coffee. One of their popular food is their Vietnamese noodle soup or Pho. It comes with onions, chili peppers, cilantro, lime, bean sprouts and thai basil as garnishings.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Dinh Tien Hoang (Old Quarter)
Old Quarter

Cầu Thê Húc (The Huc Bridge)

Hanoi Lake View

St. Joseph’s Cathedral.

A neo-gothic structure rising from the Old  Quarter’s twisting streets was erected by the French in 1886

Chicken Pho

Garnishing for the Pho

There’s a lot of things to learn about Hanoi.  I hope to come back and be able to explore and learn more about this place.

I guess 2013 was the best year for me as I was able to travel around Asia.  One of my travel wish was to visit Singapore.  Luckily, through work, my wish came true.  Here are some of my fave travel shots 🙂

It’s just sad that I was not able to visit the Universal Studio due to the rain 😦 Well there is still next time 🙂


I’m always on a look out to good and cozy coffee shop who also do latte art.  When I saw from a friend a latte with a cute art, I immediately asked where she got it.  Good thing it’s just within Makati area.  Saturdays and Sundays are my stress-free weekend time and I took the time to visit the place.  The moment I entered, I already fell in love.

Commune is a place where you can talk or discuss or communicate intimately. It’s a café and bar. They also have nice and friendly barista who even discussed to me the best technique to have a good latte.

Commune also has this small bookshelf where you can borrow books to read while enjoying your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Don’t you also love the design on their wall. It clearly describes what Commune is.

Of course what’s a café without a good coffee and good book 🙂 I ordered for a regular latte and this is what I received ( 2 koi fishes, heart and a cat 🙂 )

I always make sure that when I order a coffee, I request the barista to draw something on the coffee either an animal or cartoon character or something that is not common for any latte art like heart, rosetta or swan. Somehow, this work of art made me smile that day. It’s so amazing for baristas to be able to do something like that.

If you want a place to hang out with your friends, relax, hold an event or even meet new friends, Commune is the best place.

One of my fave 3D latte art coffee I had 🙂

Liberty Plaza, 102 H.V. Dela Costa Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City (across Trafalgar Plaza)

Twitter: @CommunePH
Instagram: @CommunePH
Facebook Page:

The Joy in Visual Arts

Enjoying the last few days of the holiday season, son and I decided to visit this cool gallery in SM City North EDSA. The place is called Joyous Visual Trick Arts Gallery by Masashi Hattori. It’s been so so long since I step foot in SM North. Ever since I stayed in Makati, we usually hang-out in any of the malls there.

JOYous Visual Tricks offers 3D arts and tricks for the whole family and friends. The gallery has more than 10 pieces of artworks which will trick you or give you an illusion of either flying on a magic carpet, being eaten by a dinosaur, fighting with a ninja and more. Aside from the art work, the gallery has some trivia and tricks that will keep you thinking and discovering new things. Before entering, you need to remove your shoes.  Shoes are not allowed inside the gallery so be sure to bring a pair of socks in case you don’t like to  walk barefoot.  In case you need someone to take a picture of yourself, they have nice and accommodating assistants to help as you view each of the artworks.  They’ll also guide you on how and where to pose.   Each 3D artwork has a camera mark on the floor to assist visitors the proper angle in taking photos in order to achieve the right effect and perspective.  Here are some of my favorite shots:

Good thing he is in the mood to play along 😀

Joyous Visual Trick Arts Gallery

Supersale CLub, SM City North EDSA
Tel no. 0918-4663862

Entrance Fee:
Adult – Php 200.00
Children – (High School & Elementary) Php 150.00