Taking on the journey of discovering new places, culture, and food, my family visited Malolos Bulacan just to try this famous leche flan being served at Kulinarya ng Tisa. Located along Mac Arthur Highway, after the City Hall.  The place is just simple but is available for events.

kulinarya ng Tisa

kulinarya ng Tisa

We arrived almost lunch time so we started ordering the food.

kulinarya ng Tisa

Crispy Kare Kare – 580

Your regular crispy pata turned into kare-kare.  Love the taste of the peanut sauce.


kulinarya ng Tisa

Sinigang na Salmon – 220

kulinarya ng Tisa

Lengua Morcon – 280

After the main course, the much-awaited desserts 🙂

kulinarya ng Tisa

Halo Halo Turon – 120

Your regular halo halo was turned into a turon.  Not a fan, though it tastes good.

kulinarya ng Tisa

Leche Flan Tagala – 280

Okay, this is their leche flan tagala.  The difference of this to the regular one is the pinipig which is placed at the bottom of the flan.  I love the combination of the pinipig and the flan as it adds texture to the dessert.

Over-all, this restaurant serves good food in a big serving (around 2 to 3 persons) and affordable price.  Would come back again for their leche flan 🙂




Baskin-Robbins just opened a few days ago in Central Square, BGC and since I haven’t tried it yet, I immediately visited the place together with my officemates.

Baskin Robbin

They offer 31 flavors such as Mint Chocolate Chip, Very Berry Strawberry, Jamoca Almond Fudge Chocolate Mousse Royale and Love Potion #31. According to them, Jamoca Almond Fudge is one of their best seller.

Baskin Robbin

You can also build your own ice cream by (1) choosing 1, 2 or 3 scoops of your favorite ice cream flavor in a waffle cone or cup (2) choose from their 9 toppings (3) finished it with whipped cream, cherry and chopped almonds. A scoop of build your own ice cream costs Php139.00

Baskin Robbin

My friends and I tried the build your own ice cream. I got the Jamoca Almond Fudge topped with strawberry, whipped cream and cherry.


Baskin Robbin

Caramel Turtle Truffle with Walnuts

Baskin Robbin

Macadamia Nuts ‘n Cream with Reeses Peanut Butter topping

If you’re a fan or want to try Baskin-Robbins, head on to Central Square BGC now 🙂

I’ve been trying to find this the supermarket for so long. Good thing after months of going to the grocery, I finally found this Spam Tocino.


Spam Tocino has been out in the market for quite some time already and this is being sold for a limited time only. So, how did I eat this? just sliced a few meat, followed the direction to add a little water on the pan and let if cook there. The taste – hmmm I still like the real tocino. I cannot taste the tocino in this product 😀 I guess a few more slices will help me to appreciate this further 😀

Have you tried SPAM Tocino already? How did you find it?

In the past few weeks I’ve been seeing a lot of photos in Instagram about Yakult’s newest product. I tried searching it in 711 stores but it is not yet available. Gladly, during my weekly grocery in one of my fave supermarket, I finally found it. It’s actually Yakult light.


I’m intrigued as to the difference of this to their old one. Aside from the packaging (which is blue), the calorie content is lesser than 15 calories. As to the taste, it is still the same. A pack of Yakult light cost Php50.00 which is Php10.00 higher from the regular one.

Have you tried Yakult Light already? What can you say 🙂

Cafe France Espresso Booster

I love coffee and i love trying out anything that has coffee in it. A friend introduced this unique coffee experience called espresso booster. It’s crunchy espresso bits covered in dark chocolate. This interesting food find is from Cafe France.

I kind of like the concept of this as you can really smell and taste the coffee. It’s like eating real coffee beans 🙂 Don’t ask me if it will make you awake as i’ve tried a couple of these “coffee bean” like chocolate and i still feel sleepy :p  A bottle contains 50 pcs of “coffee bean” chocolate and cost Php99.00.

Have you tried this already?

Fez Gastro Pub

I got a taste of Moroccan-fusion cuisine at Fez Restro Pub in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City when IGersManila was invited to try their 3 new dishes. The place was cozy and what I like about the place was their Moroccan lights installed at the ceiling.

We were served with one of their nibblers, the Papadum Crisp. It’s an oven baked spicy indian crispers with a ramekin of yogurt dip.

Guests were welcome by their operations manager and introduced Fez new dishes: Persian Kebab Combo, Fez Merquez Pizza and the Moroccan Tangines.

Trying out this Persian Kebab made from fresh meat/ chicken and marinated in herbs and spices. Served with basmati rice and grilled on skewers with olives, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. You can order meat, chicken or a combination of both meat and chicken. I like the meat better because its soft and tender.

The next dish we tried was the Fex Merquez Pizza. It’s a home made thin crust pizza topped with spicy merquez sausages and ground beef with prunes, apricots, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and a generous serving of mozzarella cheese.

Of course the highlight, their Moroccan Tagine. Fez gave a twist to the tangine stew by segregating the ingredients.

It’s made of couscous with meat, black olives, mushroom. The rest of the ingredients were served separately and placed on these colorful bowl.

It comes with the sauce, tangerine jam, spices and these colorful candies (which I forgot what it is :P)

It was truly an afternoon Moroccan experience for us. Surely, we enjoyed the food and had fun taking photos of them.


photo courtesy of @marcabgonzales

1C07A Serendra Commercial Strip
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Tel: 9011840
Email: fezrestobar@gmail.com

Hey Joe!

Speculoos Cookie Butter was a hit last year. Since this is not available locally, a lot of online sellers were up to sell this product. One brand that came out was Trader Joe’s. This brand was selling for php350 to as high of php500. I’ve tried tasting locally made cookie butter and find it good. But of course, to join the hype, I still want to try this and check why this is a hit 🙂 Finally after months of waiting, I received a package from my cousin and got 3 Trader Joe’s cookie butter – 2 crunchy cookie butter and the original one.

I opened the original/ regular cookie butter and what better way to try this was to pair it with banana 🙂  I just love the taste, not too sweet – Just right.  Like any peanut butter, this is perfect to pancakes, bread, cakes and dip too 🙂

Have you tried Speculoos Cookie Butter already? Share your thoughts too 🙂

Croughnut Ala Mode

It has been months since the famous cronuts developed by Chef Dominique Ansel have invaded the Philippines. And until now, there are a lot of stores/ restaurants that are coming up with their own version of this so called cronuts/ croughnuts.  One restaurant along Forbes Park was actually serving croughnuts and they called it ‘Croughnuts Ala Mode’.  By the name it self, its a croughnut with ice cream on top.  Maple restaurant provided a different look of this famous crossaint-donut.  Aside from the ice cream, it’s filled with banana slices, generously covered with chocolate and sprinkled with walnuts. Doesn’t it look very divine and sinfully rich 🙂  This kind of cronut is being sold for Php180.  Although it is covered with chocolate, i find it not too sweet and it perfectly blends well with banana and of course the vanilla ice cream.

This is now my 2nd fave cronut. Definitely, Wildflour is still my number one choice –  perfectly made (right crispiness and the flaky layers), simple but too sweet for me 🙂

For you, what are your top 3 cronuts/ croughnuts? ~ SnC

You can grab this heavenly sweet at:


2/F San Antonio Plaza Arcade

50 Mckinley Road, Forbes Park,

Makati City