Taking on the journey of discovering new places, culture, and food, my family visited Malolos Bulacan just to try this famous leche flan being served at Kulinarya ng Tisa. Located along Mac Arthur Highway, after the City Hall.  The place is just simple but is available for events.

kulinarya ng Tisa

kulinarya ng Tisa

We arrived almost lunch time so we started ordering the food.

kulinarya ng Tisa

Crispy Kare Kare – 580

Your regular crispy pata turned into kare-kare.  Love the taste of the peanut sauce.


kulinarya ng Tisa

Sinigang na Salmon – 220

kulinarya ng Tisa

Lengua Morcon – 280

After the main course, the much-awaited desserts 🙂

kulinarya ng Tisa

Halo Halo Turon – 120

Your regular halo halo was turned into a turon.  Not a fan, though it tastes good.

kulinarya ng Tisa

Leche Flan Tagala – 280

Okay, this is their leche flan tagala.  The difference of this to the regular one is the pinipig which is placed at the bottom of the flan.  I love the combination of the pinipig and the flan as it adds texture to the dessert.

Over-all, this restaurant serves good food in a big serving (around 2 to 3 persons) and affordable price.  Would come back again for their leche flan 🙂




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