I’ve been trying to find this the supermarket for so long. Good thing after months of going to the grocery, I finally found this Spam Tocino.


Spam Tocino has been out in the market for quite some time already and this is being sold for a limited time only. So, how did I eat this? just sliced a few meat, followed the direction to add a little water on the pan and let if cook there. The taste – hmmm I still like the real tocino. I cannot taste the tocino in this product 😀 I guess a few more slices will help me to appreciate this further 😀

Have you tried SPAM Tocino already? How did you find it?


In the past few weeks I’ve been seeing a lot of photos in Instagram about Yakult’s newest product. I tried searching it in 711 stores but it is not yet available. Gladly, during my weekly grocery in one of my fave supermarket, I finally found it. It’s actually Yakult light.


I’m intrigued as to the difference of this to their old one. Aside from the packaging (which is blue), the calorie content is lesser than 15 calories. As to the taste, it is still the same. A pack of Yakult light cost Php50.00 which is Php10.00 higher from the regular one.

Have you tried Yakult Light already? What can you say 🙂