Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Had an opportunity to attend the Preview Art Fair 2014 at The Link, Makati.  Preview Art Fair is part of the onging Art Fair Philippines which opened on February 20 and will last until February 23, 2014.  Organized by Preview Magazine, it’s a fashion art live installations of three of the most talented people in the Philippines: Rajo Laurer, Nikki Luna and Leeroy New.

It’s a great experience to witnessed the live installation. Given only 1 hour to present, the output were tremendously beautiful, truly world class.

Aside from the fashion Art show, artworks of various well known sculptors, designers, painters, etc are on display at the parking lot, turned gallery, of The Link.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

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  8. your rajo-laurel-moment!
    congrats for taking great photos, marian!
    off topic : your commenter, inigo boy, is the son of a fellow blogger, sir nelson from uae

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