It was an afternoon of fun filled baking activities that comes with the smell of chocolates, apple, and cinnamon being baked in the oven. I had the opportunity to attend The Burp Society’s baking class at The Maya Kitchen last September 7. I joined Burp Society because i love discovering new taste of food while having the opportunity of photographing it and at the same time, gaining new friends. I know little of baking though i did not take any formal schooling. I just observed my mom everytime she bakes desserts/cakes

Each participants were given the recipes of what will be discussed during the course.

must-have kitchenware ~ KitchenAid

The first one and half hour were discussions and demonstrations on how to bake chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, chocolate cupcakes and creme puff by Chef Rory Subida. She also gave tips and trivia on baking.

The first one that we got to taste were the bite size chocolate chip cookies.

After the demonstrations, it was time for us to do the 2 recipes (Chocolate cupcakes and apple pie). We were grouped into 4, each have 5 members.

The mixer was turned on, some were busy creaming the butter while others were prepareing the crust. Everyone were enjoying what they are doing.

As soon as the food came out of the oven, all of us began plating our baked goodies.

Truly, this is one group and activity worth joining. Congratulations Mhel and Ken of CertifiedFoodies and The Burp Society. *thumbs up


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