I had the privelaged to attend the instameet preview of Da Vinci ~ The Genius at The Mind Museum last August 28 through IGersManila. The instameet preview is attended to by bloggers, fellow IGersManila, collaborators (#TheColl) and other instagramers. The invitation was actually cool. Each guest received a mask which serves as an invitation.

I arrived early at the Mind Museum that i was able to have a conversation with famous blogger Anton Diaz of ourawesomeplanet.com. Prior to the start of the event, cocktales are being served courtesy of Bizu.

The actual preview started past 8pm. We were gathered inside the Reneissance Art hall for some introduction about the exhibit and Da Vinci. While everyone are listening, Illuminatis were already on standby.

Instead of doing the usual tour, the organizers created an instagramming activity. The activity let’s you explore the works of Leonardo da Vinci and capturing his inventions, art works, codices and more. Afterwards, these are to be shared on instagram using specific hashtags such as: #DaVinciTheMusician, #DaVinciTheArtist, #DaVinciTheScientist #DaVinciFatherofFlight #DaVinciTheAnatomist #DaVinciTheEngineer #DaVinciTheInventor #DaVinciInstavideo and #DaVinciTheGenius. 10 winners were chosen to proceed with the final instameet task. The 3 winners of the final task were all from IGersManila (Yey!!!)

This instameet preview was actual fun. It lets your creative mind work on how you’re going to capture, in a creative way, Da Vinci’s inventions given a timeframe. These are my entries during the challenge.

You can see more Leonardo da Vinci’s works at The Mind Museum from September 1 to November 30, 2013. Entrance fee is P250 for adult while P200 for kids.



I happened to visit the museum again last September 1 as it officially opens to the public. I appreciated more his works as i was able to observe and examine them thoroughly.

Renaissance Art area

Military/Musical & Optical/Aquatic area

Flight area



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